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The Ceramic Plate (CP) Series of Thermoelectric Modules (TEMs) is considered ‘the standard’ in the thermoelectric industry.Product Number Explanations PD-00516, V.02 Parts Manual TMU1LN#CP Series TMU1LN12#CP TMU1LN22#CP TMU1LN#CP Manual Urinal Flush Valve, Exposed - 0.5 GPF.

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HU-243 ( AM-4056 ) is a synthetic cannabinoid drug that is a single enantiomer of the hydrogenated derivative of the commonly used reference agonist HU-210. It is a.

with cannabinoid-like drugs sold in convenient. ‘Spice’ Wars. series, including CP 47,497 and CP 55,940, which.Synthetic Cannabinoid of the JWH series, CP series or AM series. EAPCCT 2014 Congress BRUXELLES Discussion: Synthetic cannabinoids are used as Herbal (legal) Highs.List of drugs: Am. Save. This multi-page article lists pharmaceutical drugs alphabetically by name. Many drugs have more than one name and, therefore,.

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Welcome to the Shroomery Message Board!. There are hundreds of synthetic cannabinoids,. we didn't see more chems from / similar-to the CP series,.thetic cannabinoids,. Synthetic Cannabinoids, Synthetic Cathinones, and Other Emerging. HU and CP series. Despite their differ-.Bath Salts and Synthetic Marijuana: An Emerging Threat. main synthetic cannabinoids (JWh-018, JWh-073, JWh-200, cP 47,497,. (cP) series developed by Pfizer in.

Avalanche "Firestarter" Smoking Blend. I thought it might be one of the CP series cannabinoids with the wicked high. It may not be a cannabinoid at.2 Reviews of Cannabis RN "This is a. and the CP series which is 45 times stronger than 100% pure synthetic THC to. /bioavailability-of-cannabinoids-in.Neuropharmacology of New Psychoactive Substances (NPS): Focus on the Rewarding and Reinforcing Properties of Cannabimimetics and Amphetamine-Like Stimulants.. (part of the AM cannabinoid series) is an analgesic drug which is a cannabinoid. molecule as seen in the CP-series of nonclassical cannabinoid.Scattergood and johnson are specialist distributors to industry in the uk supplying equipment in to the following areas Automation,Safety Systems,Fluid/Pneumatic.MILES HERKENHAM*t, ALLISON B. LYNN*, MARK D. LITTLE*, M. ROSS JOHNSONt, LAWRENCE S. MELVIN§, BRIAN R. DE COSTA¶, AND KENNER C. RICE¶ *Unit on Functional.

MAYOR’S NEIGHBORHOOD ROUNDTABLE SUMMARY June 8,. The CP series of syncans. The HU series of cannabinoids.B2-126 www.apem.com APEM CP series Capacitive switches Overview B2 New! CP 000 SERIES Terminals 1 Flying leads 2 Cable 3 Connector Colours / Materials 0 Natural anodized.

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New Troublesome Drugs: the Synthetics. the CP series developed by Pfizer,. Among the cannabinoid series, the CP series is a much more potent stimulant.It appears that this may be a result of the interrelationship between the brain’s natural cannabinoid. natural cannabinoids, the CP series created by.K2 and related Synthetic Cannabinoids. Amber Covey PharmD Candidate. K2 – What is it?. K2 is. Pfizer developed the cyclohexylphenol (CP) series in the 1970s.Spice K2 and OtherSpice, K2 and Other Synthetic Synthetic CannabinoidsCannabinoids AADCP - Specialty Court Conference Douglas Kramer – TASC, Inc.

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AM-087 (part of the AM cannabinoid series ) is an analgesic drug which acts as a cannabinoid agonist. It is a derivative of Δ8 THC substituted on the 3-position.AM-919: AM-919 (part of the AM cannabinoid series) is an analgesic drug which is a cannabinoid receptor agonist. It is a derivative of HU-210 which has been.AM-4030 is an analgesic drug which is a. This adds a "southern" aliphatic hydroxyl group to the molecule as seen in the CP-series of nonclassical cannabinoid.Download OM-CP Series - Data Logger and Software User Guide Related Products:. loc_en_US, sid_OM-CP-VOLT101A_SERIES, prod, sort_.MA0309E090120 Please read safety. CP Temp. Controller & Voitage, Current meterseries Thank you for purchasing HANYOUNG NUX CO,.Ltd. Product. LOC (Set data lock.

– Hydroxycyclohexylphenols (CP series) • Five additional named compounds – WIN 55,212-2. – 35 cannabinoids in system by July 2013 (+ DMAA and RTI 126).Navy Drug Screening Laboratory Jacksonville. groups of compounds classified as synthetic cannabinoids include the JWH-series of drugs; the CP-series of drugs;.SPICE - various synthetic cannabinoid mixtures - also see the HU, JWH, and CP series Withdrawal Phenomena and Dependence Syndrome After the Consumption.

Cannabinoid. Cannabinoids are a. aliphatic hydroxyl group to the molecule as seen in the CP-series of nonclassical cannabinoid drugs,.Chemistry in New Zealand January 2012. detection of a second synthetic cannabinoid called the C8 homologue of CP 47,497.2,3 In March 2009 the. as the CP series.AM-938 is an analgesic drug which is a cannabinoid receptor. aliphatic hydroxyl group to the molecule as seen in the CP-series of nonclassical cannabinoid drugs,.Lipid Neurotransmitters SEPT2011 CB. JWH Series Synthetic Cannabinoid Mixtures HU Series. CP-, HU-, and WIN-series CB receptor agonists.Other substances such as the synthetic cannabinoid CP-series have shown large variations in market availability since 2009. For example,.Legal controls on cannabimimetics: An international dilemma?. (the CP series, for example CP 47,497; Figure 4b). Few cannabinoids based on the dibenzopyran nucleus.

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roles, for cannabinoids in cognition and movement. CP55,940in slide-mounted brain sections. CP55,940is abicyclic moleculethatis oneofaseries of.CP 47,497 or (C7)-CP 47,497 is a cannabinoid receptor agonist drug, developed by Pfizer in the 1980s. It has analgesic effects and is used in scientific research. It.

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